Wortgebilde word creations December 18, 2012 at 5:55 pm

Achtung, Achtung! Beware: Tales from the Crypt ahead… or, I absolutely suck at blogging this year! In fact, there´s so much to show, talk about, preview, or tell from actual projects, experiments and work I´ve done so far this year, but damn fact: Me is simply missing the spare time to write about all that stuff.

So what´s new? Recently I even managed to successfully maximize that leak of time by joining the FMX festival board as curator for the ‘Realtime Graphics/Interactive/Flash/Demos/Whatever‘ -slot. Meaning, I have the honour of inviting lotsa stunning entities from the creative coding front (hint! already confirmed some usual suspects as well as some promising heavyweights from the scene) - which means  I did a changeover in case of FMX and will not speak myself but moderate there. Wanna know more, stay tuned!

Beyond that I found out that finding time to experiment again <u>and</u> write about it is quite simple: Just take some vacation and you can do personal work again. Easy! So whilst revisiting some old image processing works I´d done years ago and trying to invite Jared Tarbell, one of my personal heroes when it comes to super-inspiring procedural driven art and experiments, to FMX, I digged out one of Jared´s old experiments called the ‘Emotion Fractal‘. Still one of that works that I like most…

I decided to quickly update the setup of Jared´s original source-code for the ‘Emotion Fractal‘ and used it for some image processing stuff on photos in a book that I prepared as Christmas gift. With that said I just released this little remnant for you to play with. Below an example directly from the workbench:

Cola Claus
Launch image processor

How does it work:

  • You can upload your own images (2048 x 2048 pixel !!!upload may take a while depending on the image-size)
  • Modify the chain of words to work with (separate each new word by using a blank)
  • Take snapshots from the working progress or/and download the completed composition to your disk

You can test and play with the whole enchilada here.

Last but not least - Happy holidays!

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