Finest HTML5
Canvas, CSS3 & WebGL
workshops by seasoned
creative coders

  • Html5 Canvas

    Html5 Canvas

    Html5 Canvas is one of the main replacements for traditional Flash content. Compatible across browsers and devices, it's a must have for a front-end development toolbox.

    Devstate has cherry picked key techniques from the past, and translated them to this modern medium.

    Our workshops range from introductory to advanced animation and visualizations.

    download Canvas primer PDF
  • CSS and SVG

    CSS animations

    Historically, CSS was only used to style and layout HTML documents, and SVG was a forgotten standard for vector graphics.

    Thanks to improved browser support, both are now used to create lightweight and complex graphics, effects and animations.

    This set of workshops demystifies the topics and opens up interesting new visual possibilities.

    download CSS animation PDF
  • WebGL Zero to Hero


    WebGL is becoming the standard for online 3D content from games to interactive sites and advanced visualizations.

    Hardware-accelerated 3D rendering enables this powerhouse to deliver previously impossible content.

    Our workshops make the learning curve less intimidating, focusing on techniques and best practices gathered together during years of experience with 3D graphics.

    download WebGL training PDF
  • Sakri Rosenstrom

    Sakri is a Brussels based Finnish Creative Coder with 15 years of experience.
    In the past he has done work for : Johnson & Johnson, Sony, McKinsey & Company, Pioneer, Bose, Deutche Bank etc.

    Sakri has been a speaker at conferences including : FITC, 360Flex, Adobe Beyond Boundaries and Multi-Mania.

    website - twitter - linkedin
  • Frank Reitberger

    Frank is a Designer, Programmer and Creative Developer based in Bochum Germany.

    He is fascinated by all computer graphics, procedural driven and generative art, interactive design and digital beauty.

    Frank is a frequent speaker at conferences including : Reasons to be Creative, FITC, Beyond Tellerrand, and Webtech Conferences.

    website - twitter - Linked In
  • Nicolas Barradeau

    Nicolas is a freelance graphic coder from Paris, France.
    He did fine-arts and was a self-taught actionscript developer

    When Flash died, he kept doing graphic research with the new ways of doing things (HTML/JS/CSS/WebGL)

    He led some fruitful workshops in multimedia schools. He spoke at conferences and his work has been awarded several times.

    website - twitter - linkedin