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44787 Bochum
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Born 1977 in Bochum.
3D & Shaders Expert, Graphics Coder and Frontend Developer,
aged skateboard and snowboard enthusiast, proud dad.
I currently live in Bochum.

Programming Skills
Brilliant: 3D, WebGL, Shaders
Excellent: Everything Javascript or Typoescript (React, Vue, jQuery, *yourfancyjsframework, HTML5)
Perfect: openGL, C#, C++
Fine: Contentful, PHP, mySQL
Legacy: Flash, Actionscript, Agal
Beyond that coding and using all kinda fringes like:
NPM, Webpack, Node.js, Gulp, Backbone, Require, Less, Sass, Stylus,
DirectX, Pixel Bender, Assembler, Alchemy

*if it is programmable - I can do it.

Professional Work
Jan 2012 - present:Freelancer
Jul 2004 - Jan 2012:Head of Flash-Development, anyMotion Graphics
Dec 2003 - Jul 2004:Senior Art Director, Euro RSCG

Personal Work
I´m fascinated by all kinda computer and game graphics, procedural driven
and generative art, interactive design and digital beauty - which all together are
the results of simple mathematical or algorithmic processes. For me, my creative
process is writing my own software, programs and scripts to play, explore, experiment
and generate beauty with code and numbers.
My passion I´m focussing on is the aesthetics and methodology of digital created
fluids like water and such.

Feb 2020:Upgrade Your Reality, FITC, Amsterdam
Oct 2019:The Prestige, localhost conference, Düsseldorf
Sep 2017:Virtual Userinterfaces, Health Lab, Bochum
Sep 2017:The Prestige, Creative Stage Ruhr, Bochum
Feb 2017:The Prestige, FITC, Amsterdam
Feb 2015:Colour The Grey Areas, FITC, Amsterdam
Feb 2014:HTML5 - New Jack of All Trades Device, FITC, Amsterdam
Apr 2013:Curator - Realtime Gfx sessions, FMX, Stuttgart
Sep 2012:Highly Illogical, Reasons to be Creative, Brighton
Apr 2012:Highly Illogical, Beyond Tellerrand, Köln
Feb 2012:Highly Illogical, FITC, Amsterdam
Sep 2011:Realtime (Hard), Flash on the beach, Brighton
Apr 2011:Realtime (Hard), Beyond Tellerrand, Köln
Feb 2011:Realtime (Hard), FITC, Amsterdam
Nov 2010:Triangle affairs, Adobe Usergroup, Amsterdam
Sep 2010:Triangle affairs, Flash on the beach, Brighton
Apr 2010:Dreiecksbeziehungen, Flashforums Konferenz, Köln
Feb 2010:Triangle affairs, FITC, Amsterdam
Nov 2009:Return of the blob, WebTech conference, Karlsruhe
Sep 2009:Meta-Piece, Flash on the beach, Brighton
Sep 2009:Return of the blob, Flashforums Konferenz, Köln

Apr 2017:3D WebGL and Shaders,, Bochum
Oct 2015:3D WebGL and Shaders,, Stockholm
Jan 2012:Advanced shaders, Trainingscenter, Paris
Sep 2011:DAS EFX, Beyond Tellerand, Köln
Mai 2009:Bending pixels, Webinale, Berlin

Interviews, book & magazine contributions
Sep 2011:Page magazine
Mai 2007 - Jun 2010:Create or die magazine
Feb 2007:Visual-X magazine

Game Releases
2000:Die Rache der Moorhühner, Tradeland
1998:Metalizer, Greenwoord Entertainment Software
1997:D.O.G - Fight for your life, Funsoft